Dealer Services

Remote Access

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In today's busy world, we understand our security partners often need immediate, remote access to view information about their accounts. Using Bold Technologies' BoldNet, Security Alarm Monitoring can provider dealers with remote access to view all their accounts, put a system on test, or create custom reports. We also provide remote access to DMP and DSX access control systems, all from our Customer Log-in portal, located on our website.

Answering Service

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We understand there is nothing more important to the success of security companies than the quality of customer service. To assist our security partners in keeping customer satisfaction high, we offer quality answering services and customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security Alarm Monitoring can provide your company with the peace of mind of knowing that your customers are assisted by live, highly experienced operators, trained to handle everything from emergency signals to routine messages.

Advanced Technology

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We utilize the latest in monitoring technology including Sur-Gard, Digital Monitoring Products, and Bosch receivers, DSX and other access control system monitoring, and ExactVision, Videofied, and other video surveillance DVRs/ NVRs all integrated into the Manitou monitoring platform from Bold Technologies.

With the end of traditional telephone (POTS) lines in many jurisdictions, Security Alarm Monitoring is committed to helping its security partners move into the future of alarm signal communications. Whether your security and fire panels communicate by digital dialer, IP Signals, or cellular communications, we can provide fully redundant monitoring and help you and your customers save money by moving away from traditional telephone lines.

With Manitou’s advanced monitoring platform, we can also develop advanced action patterns to meet both your customers’ needs and local regulations. Email and text messaging notifications, in addition to the traditional call list, can keep both dealers and end-users informed on the safety of their business or home.

Of course, even the most advanced technology is only as good as the people using it. That’s why Security Alarm Monitoring invests in highly-trained, professional operators. Our Central Station is staffed 24/7/365 by men and women who have completed at least Level 1 of The Monitoring Association’s operator certification training and meet the rigorous requirements for both a Five-Diamond Central Station as well as UL-2050 National Industrial Security Systems monitoring.

Whatever industry you specialize in, Security Alarm Monitoring offers services to meet your customer’s unique needs, including:

• Burglary and Intrusion Detection
• Fire & Life Safety Monitoring
• Video Verification
• Managed Access Control
• Environmental and Industrial Monitoring
• GPS Tracking
• UL-2050/ CRZM

3rd Party Billing

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Saving our security partners time and money is important to us. That's why we can take care of sending invoices to your customers for monthly monitoring fees and make collection calls, when necessary. Whether you bill monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, we can bill the end-user directly with the monitoring rates you set. We also offer our security partners the option of using an electronic signature portal for subscriber agreements, making on-boarding of new customers easy and efficient.

Moving Accounts

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Unhappy with the lack of response from your current monitoring provider? We'll make it easy to switch your accounts to our Central Station, providing step-by-step technical guidance on the transition and personalized attention to each account. We also offer a monitoring certificate to our dealers, showing that your accounts are monitored by a Five-Diamond Central Station. Contact our Dealer department today to find out this month's incentives for moving accounts.

Marketing Assistance

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We offer our security partners access to multiple downloadable brochures and factsheets that outline the benefits of 24/7/365 monitoring to your customers and why your partnership with Security Alarm Monitoring sets you apart from the competition. We also offer easy-to-understand pamphlets on how to minimize false alarms and other helpful tips for your customers to keep their homes, businesses, and families safe. An informed customer is a happy customer and we're here to help you win and keep more business. Contact our Dealer department today to learn more about this and other security partner services.

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