Security Alarm Monitoring provides monitoring in accordance with National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) requirements and has been listed as a UL 2050 monitoring station since 1999. Its handling of classified information is overseen by a Facilities Security Officer who has performed this function for over ten years.

The ability to obtain a clearance is a prerequisite for employment in our Central Station. Operators attend training classes on the handling of classified information and the procedures to be followed to safeguard such information. Each operator is required to apply for and obtain a clearance.

We have achieved Five-Diamond Central Station certification from The Monitoring Association, the nation’s leading professional organization for the security industry. There are approximately 2,700 Central Stations in the United States and fewer than 180, or seven percent, of these have achieved Five Diamond status. Among other criteria, Five Diamond status requires that all Central Station operators receive training in monitoring software and procedures for handling various types of alarm signals and achieve the proficiency necessary to pass the CSAA Central Station Operator Training Course, Level 1.

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UL 2050 Monitoring

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